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Contact & FAQ

Contact Information:

We are always happy to help customize your dream nursery room decor or help with an existing order. Reach out to us in any of the following ways. Our contact information is as follows:

Email: info@thefairypaintbox.com

Phone: (302) 883-4411

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do You Accept Returns?

Due to the custom nature of every order, we do not accept returns unless your item(s) are damaged upon receipt. If there is a problem with your order, please contact us within two business days for a resolution. We are happy to help!

How long does it take to receive custom painted wall art once I order?

It takes anywhere from three to six weeks generally, depending on what you ordered and what time of year it is. September through April is our busiest season, order WAY ahead of holiday needed by dates. We are a small studio, with two artists, operating six days a week with pretty high order volume most of the year. We know that's a long time to wait! However, all our items are hand-crafted, hand painted and made with 100% care, unlike big box stores. Therefore, timelines may fluctuate a little bit, due to the nature of our process. A lot of time, skill and patience goes into each order, so we appreciate your patience to receive your items. We're always busy, busy creating your beautiful orders. Feel free to check in with us anytime during your order's time line as we are always happy to offer updates, answer questions, etc. during the process.

Can I request to receive an item by a certain date?

Yes! As long as that date is reasonably reached within our typical turnaround time. You'll need to let us know as soon as you order, however, or else your order will be put into the normal turnaround time queue. We need to know your needed by date immediately. If your needed by date is not reasonably reached within our timeline, we may have rush order spots available. Please inquire and those do require an additional fee. However, these spots are not always available if our studio schedule is at max capacity. So please ask before your order!

About the Designer Artist:

Emily Curran currently partners with a wood shop and talented carpenters to help bring her font and shape designs to her studio tables. Over the last decade, Curran has become a leading supplier of hand painted kids' room decor, wood alphabet letters around the world. With myriad wood letter fonts, sizes and thicknesses to choose from, her wood alphabet letters and wood wall art products offer limitless possibilities to the customer. As a mother of 5 and a lifelong artist, she's developed her talent for recognizing and creating imaginative and kid-friendly colors and decor designs while providing a level of quality and craftsmanship that goes unmatched. Emily's art has been featured in the Maryland State Art Anthology and has won awards for her nature-inspired paintings. Her art has recently been featured in The Baltimore Sun's Baltimore At Home Magazine as well as on MTV Music Television as well as numerous Delaware publications.



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