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Unpainted wood letters and shapes are perfect for our DIY clients. Use our individual unfinished letters, unfinished wall letters for hanging, unfinished wood shapes, wood craft kits, stand-alone unfinished wooden letters for shelves or connected unpainted letters to easily personalize any space or project. All unfinished wooden alphabet letters come in sizes small to large.

Use our wood letters to spell baby's name on the wall, use as Kids' Room Letters, Nursery Room Letters, Scrapbook Wood Letters, Wedding Wood Letters, Baby Shower Wood Letters, Birthday Wood Letters, Monogram Wood Letters and More.

Our unpainted wood craft letters are custom cut in the font of your choice. We offer a huge assortment of fonts, thicknesses and sizes. Our wood craft letters are perfect for hanging on the wall, wood letter craft projects, wood letter baby shower centerpieces, wood letter wedding centerpieces, sweetheart table letters and more.

In addition to our huge collection of wood letter fonts, we also offer specialty fan fonts like Star Jedi font, Wizard Academy font, BoSox font and Waltograph font.

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