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Geeking Out with Super-Fan Painted Wood Wall Letters

As fandom across multiple book and movie universes continues to grow world-wide, fan-fueled baby nursery and children's room decor is all the rage. Parents and kids are geeking out over transforming bedrooms into beloved realms like Middle Earth, a galaxy far, far away, Wakanda and aaaaaall the rest. Plus, it's a ton of fun to design a child's space using elements inspired by their favorite books and movies.

Painted Wall Letters in the studio  Prismatic Wizard Academy Wall Letters

Here in the studio, we've been having a ton of fun painting our way through all the fantasy universes beloved by fans. Whether your family is into sci-fi or realms where dragons roam, we can create the ultimate baby name sign to match, so that your child's room is like no other.

Ultimate Jedi Baby Name Signs

Star Jedi Wars Painted Wooden Letters






Middle Earth Baby Name Signs

Lord of the Rings Baby Photo Shoot

Super Hero Baby Name Signs

Avengers Baby Room Decor

Game of Throne Baby Name Signs

Game of Thrones Baby Nursery Decor

Wizard Academy Baby Name Signs

Wizard Academy Painted Wood Letters

Prismatic Wizard Academy Baby Name Signs

Prismatic Wizard Academy Wall Letters




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